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Did You Know?

 Did You Know? Tom Riley and Jimmy Anole both got arrested, and were saved by a crack investigative team.       Near the end of the Novacom Saga, Tom Riley is accused of blowing up the Novacom tower. He is then thrown in jail, and Whit and Alex investigate the real reason of what happened. (Funny story when the writes were researching an alert on the soft ware went off because they were looking up how to make explosives.) Whit and Alex eventual find out Arthur Dent set fire to the tower using fertilizer. The lesson in this episode was over prayer.        Jimmy Anole was framed by the store owner by setting up false evidence in the store for the Lizarado detective club, sorry Liz, detective agency. Due to Jimmy's skills to break into his brothers house, for good Johnny lost his key. (breaking the alarm system and lock picking) Fortunately, due to Lucille's investigation Jimmy is spared from jail. The lesson in this episode was not making false assumptions (I think)  Thanks for r

The Odyssey Formula compared to Kids Corner

 When you look at the world of audio drama you can see something that I like  am calling the Odyssey Formula.  The formula revolves around one person (an older wiser person) that all the kids come to when they are in trouble. That is one of the the basis for the formula. Here is the example of the formula.  Discovery Mountain Mr. Simon Down Gilead Lane Grace Kids Corner Grandpa Anole  Stories without the formula would include:  Starkeepers Red Rock Mysteries  Brinkman Adventures In my opinion, Kids Corner is a great audio drama that you should listen to. It is kind of like old Odyssey, following its formula even more. Here is an example: Liz Curt  Lucille Lucy  Chammy Eugene       Now with the formula in place Kids Corner creates this audio drama, and uses this formula, but because of the way Kids Corner is structured, it is very interesting and good series. In KC, the adults do not really do anything except to guide and nurture the children.       In AIO the adults can have episodes o

Realm of Believability

 Hello guys this is a special post, instead of writing an entire article, you guys will do it by commenting about the original artwork I made. Jesus loves you.  John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. The BEST News For Kids! (And Everyone Else) Have you ever tried to be good? I mean really, really good? How about trying to be perfect for a whole day? I know I have. Sometimes I think I’ve done a pretty good job. Other times I know I’ve messed up.      Sometimes I mess up small. But sometimes I mess up really big. The problem is, none of us can be good enough for God’s perfect heaven. The Bible says that the tiniest bad thing – even just a bad thought! – is enough to make everyone in the whole world guilty. That’s you. That’s me! Guilty people have to be punished. The punishment for sin (our badness) is being separated from God forever when we die. In hell we would be far away from His lo