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The Pond

 The Pond is an interesting audio drama. It features a turtle named Floyd, an Alligator named, Methuselah, an duck named Bill, and a frog named Tony. These animals learn lessons and learn lessons. The Narrator        He is a benevolent but controling figure. In one story he forced Tony to donate money. To read more about him click here. Floyd     A preschooler turtle that likes sweets. He usually learns lessons around weeks and disrespecting his mother. He love God and his friends and family.  Tony     A frog with a Italian accent. He seems to learn the most lessons. He learns lessons about sharing and no being selfish. He loves fun and often gets in conflicts with Bill who sides with Methuselah often.  Bill     Bill is a duck who is very smart, hates germs and likes to read. He is also a good cook. He sides with Methuselah often, and does not get into much trouble. Wen he does get a lesson, it is sometimes about forgiveness, and persistence. (He used to be a terrible cook.) Methuselah