The Odyssey Formula compared to Kids Corner

 When you look at the world of audio drama you can see something that I like  am calling the Odyssey Formula.  The formula revolves around one person (an older wiser person) that all the kids come to when they are in trouble. That is one of the the basis for the formula. Here is the example of the formula.  Discovery Mountain Mr. Simon Down Gilead Lane Grace Kids Corner Grandpa Anole  Stories without the formula would include:  Starkeepers Red Rock Mysteries  Brinkman Adventures In my opinion, Kids Corner is a great audio drama that you should listen to. It is kind of like old Odyssey, following its formula even more. Here is an example: Liz Curt  Lucille Lucy  Chammy Eugene       Now with the formula in place Kids Corner creates this audio drama, and uses this formula, but because of the way Kids Corner is structured, it is very interesting and good series. In KC, the adults do not really do anything except to guide and nurture the children.       In AIO the adults can have episodes o

Realm of Believability

 Hello guys this is a special post, instead of writing an entire article, you guys will do it by commenting about the original artwork I made. Jesus loves you.  John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. The BEST News For Kids! (And Everyone Else) Have you ever tried to be good? I mean really, really good? How about trying to be perfect for a whole day? I know I have. Sometimes I think I’ve done a pretty good job. Other times I know I’ve messed up.      Sometimes I mess up small. But sometimes I mess up really big. The problem is, none of us can be good enough for God’s perfect heaven. The Bible says that the tiniest bad thing – even just a bad thought! – is enough to make everyone in the whole world guilty. That’s you. That’s me! Guilty people have to be punished. The punishment for sin (our badness) is being separated from God forever when we die. In hell we would be far away from His lo

The Pond

 The Pond Episode is a fairly decent episode. The first one starts off with Bill the Duck attempting to learn how to sing, and ends with a lesson on Spiritual Gifts. Here are some ramblings about the content in the episode.  Bill wants to learn how to sing, so he can win a prize.        Floyd the turtle says that you learn to sing in the shower over the course of 2 showers a day = singing in 15 years and 30 if you are a once a dayer. He says it you shower once a week it to forget about it. Well I did some calculations and found out that you would need 10957.5 showers. (about 5478.75 days in 15 years multiplied by 2) Then I did the calculation that if you did it once a week that would be 10957.5 showers divided by 52 weeks in a year. Or you could do 15 weeks times 14. This came out to 210.721153846years. This means that it would take 210 years to learn to sing if you shower once a day. This was an interesting tidbit.      In another scene Tony the Frog attempts to sing and finds out he

OAC Club How can it Be made better?

       I think the club is great, I have never owned an album because I never bought one and just listened online. What got me were the bonus episodes, and I also like the magazine subscriptions. So I paid the money and got access to almost all the episodes and I listened to all the club episodes. However the Club can be infuriating to people who do not have access or do not want to pay 100 dollars, or have almost all the albums and do not want to pay.  1. Lower Priced Tier      This price would allow access for about three dollars to hear only the Club episodes, and maybe the magazine. This would allow for a price of 3*12mo = 36 dollars a year.  A good price for people who already own the albums to pay and get the extra episodes for around 30 dollars. The price of a new album is around 15 dollars. A new album has 6 episodes so two albums 6*2=12 episodes 12 episodes = 30 dollars. (Nowadays if you were to buy an old 12 episode album it is around 20 dollars) This seems like a fair price.

What Audio Dramas do people in Odyssey listen to?

 Hello this is TheOdysseyBoi with an intresting question.      With Kids Radio coming out on on the AIO website, and the 100th episode dealing with an Audio drama on Kids radio this has been a question in the back of my head for a a couple of days.  In  Kids Radio, actual audio dramas are mentioned (I think), and in the 100th club episode, you hear Captain Absolutely as an audio drama.  Theories:      Real dramas from the 50s are heard in Odyssey and new ones are made by people who live in Odyssey. Also I wonder if they listen to other audio dramas like Down Gilead Lane, that would basically be breaking the fifth wall, very interesting.    Comment below to start a discussion.        Jesus Loves You       Sin doesn’t go away on it’s own. Somebody has to pay for it. Who could it be? God knew there was only one choice: His own Son Jesus. Jesus came to earth and did something we could never do: He obeyed perfectly. He never messed up. He never even had a bad thought. But He still took the

I created Applesauce

 Hi Guys. I created Applesauce the computer program and would like you to try it.  Access it here.       Jesus Loves You       Sin doesn’t go away on it’s own. Somebody has to pay for it. Who could it be? God knew there was only one choice: His own Son Jesus. Jesus came to earth and did something we could never do: He obeyed perfectly. He never messed up. He never even had a bad thought. But He still took the horrible punishment for sin by dying on the cross. God put all of His anger on Jesus. Jesus didn’t deserve that! Why did He take the punishment for something He didn’t do? He did it so that you and I don’t have to. You mean we don’t have to pay for our own sins? Now that’s GOOD NEWS!      Jesus didn’t stay dead. After three days He rose again to show everyone He has the power to give eternal life. If we trust in Him, God has no more punishment for us. Instead He offers us eternal life in heaven. When Jesus takes the sin out of our heart

Album 73

Hello this is TheOdysseyBoi. Album 73 news.  Per , album 73 should be a very big album. It will be a self contained 6 parter (discovery mountain style) that details the dangerous  things that are happening in Odyssey. Theories.  IT is not a Rydell episode. The podcast said that the next 2 albums will not be a Rydell episode. (Album 72, 73)  It has been completely re-iterated that Blackgaard is dead so its is probably not him.  Is it Novacom? First of all Novacom would have to be reintroduced to the younger audience. Some members who do not have the Club would have to get reintroduced to the subject. That could be done in two ways, it could be rehashed in one episode, or spread out over the six episodes through hints and clues.  This album will also be the first self contained album( If I am not mistaken) the closest thing to this album would be Darkness before Dawn the only outlier being "A Little Credit Please"   Update: The Green Ring was self-contained als