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The Tech of Odyssey

 Hello I am TheOdysseyBoi, and know a lot about tech and will explain how Odysseys tech works.  The instant freezer "Like a microwave but backwards"  I guess it just uses dry ice to supercool the food. BEAVERS  A cassette player with headphones.   The Novabox is real. Proof:   The Talking mirrors  A virtual display with integrated camera behind a mirrors. (Google Assistant behind a mirror with a camera) or a smart display The Room of Consequence  A darkened room with huge TVs and projectors maybe showing AR simulations and projections.  The Escape Room An escape room with a electric lock that if shorted locks automatically. How did Suzu get to the live camera without connection? Easy the camera was like a Wi-Fi security camera. You can connect to Wi-Fi without internet. Certain cameras and robots can give a livestream that connects to Wi-Fi.  The Imagination S