The Tech of Odyssey

 Hello I am TheOdysseyBoi, and know a lot about tech and will explain how Odysseys tech works. 

The instant freezer "Like a microwave but backwards" 

I guess it just uses dry ice to supercool the food.


A cassette player with headphones.  

The Novabox is real. Proof:

  The Talking mirrors 

A virtual display with integrated camera behind a mirrors. (Google Assistant behind a mirror with a camera) or a smart display

The Room of Consequence 

A darkened room with huge TVs and projectors maybe showing AR simulations and projections. 

The Escape Room

An escape room with a electric lock that if shorted locks automatically.

How did Suzu get to the live camera without connection?

Easy the camera was like a Wi-Fi security camera. You can connect to Wi-Fi without internet. Certain cameras and robots can give a livestream that connects to Wi-Fi. 

The Imagination Sattion

A huge Rocketship with VR tech inside it which fools people into thinking its real. It is probably setup so that the VR headsets can see each other in the VR sim. 

The Imagination box

A large simulation done through a high res projector fooling the person into thinking they are flooding. The Suzu Tasha transformation was probably just a moving projection also. 

Fun Fact 

"In the Present Long Ago" Mandy tells Computer to give her an event on her Calendar. Now you can tell "Alexa" to do that. You can even name Alexa Computer.        Jesus Loves You 

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