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Life at The Pond Chocolate for Life review.

Hi guys lets talk about  Chocolate for Life .  Read about The Pond Characters here.        You can guest post for us and please do, I cant do this by myself. Just email me.  Also don't forget about Word With Zach if you need the backlog find it here.      This is a pretty decent Life at the Pond episode. This is the official description . "A radio station gives clues to the location of the golden ping pong ball. Each of the creatures set out to find it. But unless they work together, they have no hope ." Emphasis mine.       This episode starts with Tony and Floyd talking. Floyd is bored, and through some conversation, Tony accidentally convinces Floyd being bored is fun. Fast forwarding a bit, Bill convinces  the creatures to find the golden ping pong ball to win the prize. The prize is a lifetime supply of chocolate, and because they are a team, each animal will get chocolate for a year.    Jokes:    

How Kids Corner Borrows for Odyssey and How Odyssey Borrows from Kids Corner

 Hello all. Today, I will be talking about the things KC borrows from AIO, and pt 2 will be about how AIO borrows from KC!! Enjoy. As stated in this post , KC and AIO are different audio dramas there is some overlap with lessons learned, and character traits. Stay tuned for this post.  1. Grandpa Anole     The character of the 'old wise guy' was 'potentially' created by AIO in 1987. KC created Liz and Friends in 2004. (They might have had another audio drama beforehand.) Johnny Anole is like the guy that the kids go to when they are in trouble. However, he owns a farm and is not vey tech savvy like Whit.  2. Liz and Lucille Dynamic     Liz is like the Curt Stevens of KC and Lucille is basically the Lucy of KC. I know I went over this in more detail before, but it is important to this post.  3. The episode "The War Hero"      In that episode Joe Fineman has a secret about World War Two. He fled and save a bunch of children. He get awards for saving the childr

Hold The Phone

Kids Corner has aged pretty well, but there is one episode in particular that is funny. "Hold the Phone"      Hold The Phone, is an episode about Liz loosing his phone and someone using his phone to text mean things to people in his address book. Pretty standard right until you think about it. Why does Liz not hve  password on his phone, and why can he not track it form his computer at home. Well..      This episode starts showing its age when Spike makes this comment about having one of the best phones with a qwerty keyboard, a touchscreen video streaming and Web Access. So basically like a Nokia N95 from 2007 or a Blackberry (or Appleberry haha) from the 2008-2010s. The modern-day equivalent of this phone in the modern world is this. The Nokia 2720 V Flip a flip phone that runs Kai-OS.  This also means that Liz's phone must have been a feature of 'dumbphone.' Also the episode features a phone that looks like an iPhone 6s so I am assuming the artwork was done la